Finish Master Clear Sealer / Finish is a very hard, fast drying urethane alloy specifically formulated to provide a a long lasting clear finish that is resistant to stains, acids and most solvents. The latest floor care polymer technology is used in this combination sealer / finish to create a product that delivers wet-look gloss and outstanding durability. The unique polymer system provides ease of use and even application of finish onto most non-resilient surfaces such as concrete, brick, stone, tile and hardwood. This product is burnishable and is easy to remove with conventional stripper solutions. This finish is designed for use in heavy traffic areas and will thus deliver unequaled results in any situation. Finish Master resists scuffs, abrasions, heel marks and offers outstanding chemical resistance. It has high slip resistance built in.

Dry Time: Dry to touch in 15-30 minutes: Dry to recoat, 2-4 hours. Allow as much dry time as possible between coats.

Application: May be applied with brush, roller, spray equipment or lambs wool applicator.

  Features                                                                                     Related Benifits

 atest polymer technology                                         Outstanding gloss and durability

 Seals as it shines                                                          Reduces labor

Designed for high traffic                                            Unequaled gloss and scuff resistance

Unique polymer system                                            Easy to apply, repair and recoat

Passes James Test (cof.76)                                       High slip resistance / Reduces liability potential

Use with any speed buffer or burnisher             Excellent for any maintenance program

Removes with finish dissolving strippers         Easy to remove

 Water based                                                                                                 Easy clean up

Areas of use -

May be used with propane maintenance routines in:

* Hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices               * Grocery stores, malls, retail stores

* Schools, universities, child care centers                  * Most interior and exterior applications

To Use -

Apply finish in a uniform, thin coat to a stripped floor. Two to five coats are recommended for initial application. For applications, see label for complete directions and use only as directed. Do not use directly over new or old concrete. Concrete must be sealed first.

                                                                       Specification Data

Available Sizes - 4 / 1G, 5G, 50G                                                          Physical State - Liquid

Color - White Emulsion  Dries crystal clear                                           Fragrance - Urethane Alloy

Total Solids - 20 %                                                                                  Metal Interlocked - Yes

Initial Gloss - High                                                                                    Traffic Area - High

Slip Resistance - Excellent                                                                     Burnisher Response - Outstanding

Specific Gravity - 1.021                                                                          pH - 7.0-9.0

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