Weather Master Concrete Stain

Colors For Decorative Concrete

Abrasion Resistant Application Friendly

Chemical and Water Resistant Water Cleanup

Excellent Adhesion - Penetrating Low to No Odor

UV Resistant - Non Yellowing Perfect as a Faux Finish

Quick Drying

Weather Master Concrete Stain:

Is a water based penetrating acrylic stain for coloring concrete. This product has been developed from new hybrid technology. It can be used on patios, garage floors, waterscapes, pool decks, natural and cast stone, old and new concrete and overlays both interior and exterior.


Weather Master Concrete Stain is available in twelve (12) colors attractive natural stone colors. Golden Sand, Gray Slate, Terracotta, Terra Stone, Lime Stone, Brownstone, Indian Redstone, Amber Light, Vermont Bluestone, Black Granite, Cast Stone and Sandstone. Custom colors are available by special order for minimum quantities and pricing upon request.

General Instructions:

Surfaces to be stained must be clean, dry, firm and free from oils, dirt and other surface contamination. Product colors are ready to use and only minimal mixing (stirring) will be required before use. Thin with water only. Do not store in temperatures below 40 degree F. Do not stains or paints in temperatures below 50 degree F. Do not add thinners, colors in oil, linseed oil, or mix with other types of latex or oil paints. Color should be uniform in appearance in the container. Some slight settling may occur. Gently agitate to make sure material is uniform prior to application.


Weather Master Concrete Stain can be applied by traditional tools as brushes, rollers, sponges, or airless spray equipment (including quality pump-up garden sprayer with fan tip). Unique faux finishes can be achieved with quality sponges or other finishing applicators.


Coverage will vary depending upon the porosity of the surface being colored, and the method of application. Typically 250 – 350 sq. ft./gal. is achieved. Due to the variation of porosity, an attractive mottled or natural appearance will be achieved upon application of the initial coat. If full coverage is desired, a second coat may be applied as soon as initial coat is dry achieving a opaque effect.

Dry Time:

Dry to touch 30-45 minutes; allow as much drying time as possible between coats for the best possible appearance and result. CURE TIME: Although this product is specifically formulated for early water resistance, the ultimate performance properties will not be achieved until two (2) to seven (7) days cure time has elapsed. In the event this product is exposed to moisture prior to the time indicated, the dried films should recover and continue the curing process after the moisture has evaporated or been removed, some interim whiting or blushing may be observed during the time it is exposed to moisture.

Top Coat:

  It is recommended hat a top coat of one these sealers be applied as a protective clear coating over Weather Master Concrete Stain colors for increased durability.





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