• Excellent choice for interior use over acid stained or natural stone & porous tile.

  • Water based product with a solvent based appearance ( Wet Look)

  • Can be top - coated with Weather Master Clear Seal for added durability

  • Low Odor

  • Clean up with warm soapy water

  • Fast Drying

  • Non-Blushing and Non-Yellowing

Weather Master HYBRID COLOR ENHANCING SEALER is a specially formulated product that provides a color enhancing effect on porous natural stone and ( neutralized ) acid stained or natural concrete. Use on natural stone, concrete, brick or porous tile to bring back faded colors and provide the "Wet Look". Use this product to enhance the stained or natural colors in the surfaces described previously. This product is especially recommended for interior use where solvent fumes from traditional solvent based clears can present an environmental and /or odor problem during the application, drying and curing process.

DRY TIME: Dry to touch 30 - 45 minutes; Dry to recoat 4 - 6 hours. Allow as much drying time as possible between coats for the best possible appearance and results.

CURE TIME:  Although this product is specifically formulated for early water resistance, the ultimate performance properties will not be achieved until two (2) to seven (7) days cure time has elapsed. In the event this product is exposed to moisture prior to the time indicated, the dried films should recover and continue the curing process after the moisture has evaporated or been removed. Some interim whiting or blushing may be observed during the time it is exposed to moisture.

 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Surfaces to be sealed must be clean, dry, firm and free from oils, dirt and other surface contamination. If thinning is necessary, use not more than one pint clear water per gallon. Do not store in temperatures below 40 degrees F. Do not paint in temperatures below 50 degrees F. Do not add thinners, colors in oil, linseed oil, or mix with other types of latex or oil paints. DO NOT SHAKE or vigorously agitate containers as bubbles will result and will be present in the finish. If container is accidentally shaken, allow to stand for 24 hours before using. Colorants should be stirred into each container.

APPLICATION: Easily applied by brush, roller or spray system. The best results are achieved with airless spray equipment-particularly if colorants are added as described above. Use generally accepted painting procedures.

FINISH: This product is available in two (2) finishes:

GLOSS: An excellent light reflective appearance with qualities of high gloss enamels

MATTE: (Special Order)

 SPECIAL FEATURE: Universal colorants may be added to this material to provide a stained or antique appearance in one application.

COVERAGE AND CLEAN UP: Coverage will vary dependent upon the surface to which this material is being applied and the method of application. Generally, for estimating purposes, coverage approximating 200 to 300 square feet per gallon per coat can be readily achieved. Clean up of hands and tools is easily accomplished with warm soapy water prior to the product having dried. (Note: removal of dried material from tools, containers and other surfaces will be difficult, if not impossible, after drying). Store tools in water when not in use during breaks. Periodic clean up during the job is recommended.


Available in both 5 Gallon buckets and 1 Gallon Jugs

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