General Description:

These products are superior acrylic-based high-tech polymer emulsions used as a durable waterproof (yet breathable) coating for both exterior and interior use. All are high solids coatings formulated for superior weatherability, ultra-violet resistance, reflectivity, flexibility, elongation and excellent adhesion over a variety of surfaces.


General Instructions:

Surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and free from oils, wax, grease and dirt. If thinning is necessary, use not more than one pint of clear water per gallon. Do not add thinners, colors in oil, linseed oil, or mix with other types of latex or oil paints. Use generally accepted coating procedures. All products may be used to adhere or laminate polyester fabrics (mat or mesh) or fiberglass. Requires no mixing. Universal colorants may be added to obtain the desired color. These products are not paint and contain no asphalt.

Application and Clean-Up:

Brush, roller or spray equipment may be used for all products except Mastics. Trowel, brush or roll Mastics, depending on desired use. Clean up is easily accomplished with warm soapy water prior to the coating having cured.


Coverage estimates are based upon smooth surfaces. Film thickness requirements will depend on substrate, severity of exposure, and uniformity of application. Generally, multiple coats or layers will provide better results than one thick coat.

Accelerated weathering:

A single coated system of each of the Mastics and Coating products retained an excellent appearance after 1000+ hours ( equivalent to approximately 5 years in average climate) in a Q-UV accelerated weathering tester with no evidence of discoloration, chalking, cracking/checking, or peeling/flaking.

Recommended Surface Uses:

Surface                                                         Mastic                  Sealer/Primer                Coating                                              Fabric

Polyurethane Foam                                #1162 (as needed)          #1166             #1123 or #2855                                       Not Applicable

Single Ply System                                    #1164 (as needed)                                  #867 (base) + #1123 (top)                    Not Applicable

Bitumen  - Protective Coating

Built-Up Roof (BUR) Repair                #1163 (as needed)          #1165             #1123 (base + top) or #2855               Recommended*

Metal Roofs and Decks                          #1164 (as needed)          #954  (base) + #1123 (top) or #1123 (base + top) Recommended*


1. For weathering protection, a minimum of 30 mil. thick dry coating ( multiple coats) is required.

2. Coating should not be applied to wet or dirty surfaces

3. Coating application should not commence during inclement weather, when precipitation appears imminent, when temperature is expected to drop below 50 degrees F during coalescing process, when the temperature is is 5 degrees or less within the dew point.

4. Not recommended for use in areas of pond water.

5. Store in temperature above 40 degrees F, Do not allow any material to freeze.

*Many commercially available Polyester, Nylon, and Fiberglass fabrics are suitable for use with these products. For specific recommendations, contact the technical service department.

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