TILE MASTER TSA (Thin Set Additives)


 Tile Master TSA is an acrylic emulsion polyer designed to improve properties of materials containing Portland cement. Cementatious formulations modified with TSA show improved compressive, flexural, bonding and abrasion resistance properties and are stable to ultrviolet light and resist discoloration due to sunlight exposure. Applications of masonry as thin as 1/8 inch or less can be made effectively.


 Surfaces must be clean and free from old loose material, oil, wax, grease and dirt.

Typical Properties

                                                            Polymer Type                                       Acrylic

                                                            Total Solids +-2 %                               14.5%

                                                           Appearance                                            Milky White Liquid

                                                           Viscosity, Cps.                                      25-75

                                                           Weight Per Gallon                               8.4 pounds

                                                            pH as Packed                                        9.0 – 10.0

                                                           Storage Stability                                  Protect From Freezing


Tile Master TSA may be used as an aid in bonding new masonry material to old and as an effective additive for mixing with new masonry for improved performance properties.

A) Use TSA as supplied as a bond aid when applying new masonry to old, by saturating the existing surface with TSA. Apply new masonry while bonding aid is still wet (damp). If drying occurs, simply recoat and apply new masonry while second coat is still wet. Coat coat an area no longer than can be covered with new masonry within approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

B) Us TSA full strength when adding to cementatious formulations at the rate where the mix is at the desired consistency determining the appropriate amount to be used.

RESURFACING AND OTHER THIN CEMENTATIOUS APPLICATIONS: This material is effective in thin coat applications( where depth may vary from 1/8" to 1" ). Effective, durable and long lasting applications can be achieved and previously predictable problems (such as surface cracking and loss of adhesion) can be eliminated. Remember to use small stone or "pea gravel" when thickness of the new material is expected to be between 1/4" and 1/2" and larger stone or gravel when the thickness of the new material is greater than 1/2". Readily available sand and mortar mixes may be used for applicatoins of a thickness less than 1/4".

CLEAN-UP: Clean up of hands and tools is easily accomplished with warm soapy water prior to the masonry product having dried. Store tools in water when not in use during breaks. Periodic clean up during the job is also recommended. (Note: removal of dried masonry material from tools, containers, and other surfaces will be difficult, if not impossible, after drying)


A) As a bond aid described above, one (1) gallon of the diluted material will cover approximately 250 - 300 sq.ft. (coverage will be reduced for rough, pitted surfaces).

B) Use standard masonry estimating procedures to determine coverage of material modified with this material.

PRECAUTIONS: 1) Store in temperatures above 40 degrees F. Do not allow material to freeze.

2) Do not take internally. Close container after each use. Keep out of reach of children.


HEATH                                       1

FLAMMABILITY                     0

REACTIVITY                            0




 Avoid prolonged contact with the skin or breathing of spray mist. Use adequate ventilation. Do not take internally. Wash thoroughly after handling and before eating. Keep from freezing.



55 Gallon Drums             5 Gallon Pails

1 Gallon Jugs ( 4 Jugs per Case)

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