This cement modifier is an acrylic emulsion polymer designed to improve properties of materials containing Portland cement. Polymer modification of cementatious mixtures is widely practiced in architectural stucco, plastering, thin set concrete overlays, leveling and patching over a wide variety of substrates.

Cementatious formulations modified with cement modifier show improved compressive, abrasive, flexural, bonding and water resistance properties. Modified mortars have excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates including concrete, brick, metals, insulating foams, and wood. Modified mortars containing these modifiers are stable to ultraviolet light and resist discoloration due to sunlight exposure. Application of masonry as thin as 1/8 inch or less can be made effectively.

Typical Properties

Polymer Type:                      Acrylic

Total Solids +-2 %:              47%

Appearance:                          Milky White Liquid

Viscosity, Cps.                      750-2000

Weight Per Gallon:             8.8 pounds

pH as Packed:                       9.0 – 10.0

Storage Stability:                  Protect From Freezing


This product may be used as an aid in bonding new masonry material to old and as an effective additive for mixing with new masonry for improved performance properties.

a) Use this product as a bond aid when applying new masonry to old by saturating the existing surface with mixture. Apply new masonry while bonding aid still wet (damp). If drying occurs, simply re-coat and apply new masonry while second coat is still wet. Coat an area no larger than can be covered with new masonry (usually within 10 to 15 minutes). See product label for dilution recommendations.

b) Use full strength when adding to cementatious formulations at the rate of approximately 1 gallon pre 40 lbs. Portland cement. In determining the appropriate amount to be used, do not consider the weight of sand, gravel, or other filler material contained in ready for use materials such as sand or mortar mixes. Additional water, if needed, may be added to the mixture until the desired consistency is achieved, or additional product may be used to increase performance characteristics.


Packaged in 55 Gallon Drums

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