Masonry & Wood Water Repellent

Protects Cast Stone, Natural Stone, Brick, Cinder Block, Stucco, Etc. From Weathering

Masonry & Wood Water Repellent:

Is a penetrating, reactive, non film-forming, invisible barrier to moisture. It can be used successfully on most wood, masonry, stone and cementious materials. The air curing nature of this product allows for easy application under normal (above freezing, not raining) conditions. This coating will also provide resistance to staining, dirt pickup, damage from freeze / thaw cycles. It is also resistant to air and water borne salts - while allowing for some surface breathability, with no sacrifice in water repellency.


Clean the surface thoroughly; then allow to dry before applying the coating. The surface must be thoroughly dry before application in order for the product to adequately penetrate and become effective. Material can be applied by brush, roller or spray (including “pump up” sprayers). Material must be applied at a rate where surface is totally saturated. Avoid rundown of the coating, and contact with glass and aluminum. Clean glass and aluminum with water before drying or 409 once the material cures. Do not allow the coating to come in contact with skin, pets, or shrubbery until the coating has completely cured. Allow drying for 24 hours before contact with any water.


Coverage will vary depending upon the porosity of the surface to which the material is applied. For estimating purposes, a saturated application of this material over porous surfaces should cover approximately 100 sq/ft per gallon.


Available in 55 Gallon drums, 5 Gallon pails and 1 Quart bottles ( 4 quarts to a case )

Material Description:

Appearance: Non viscous liquid

pH: 4.5 – 5.5

Specific gravity: 1.0

ASTM: E 514-90: Passed

(Water Penetration & Leakage)

Ionic Characteristic: Nonionic

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