Weather Master  ClearSeal (Regular) is a durable and decorative, clear, protective coating over a variety of interior and exterior masonry surfaces with outstanding water resistance. ClearSeal is a crystal clear, non-yellowing, non- blushing, fast drying, water based acrylic sealer for concrete surfaces. This new technology polymer product is an excellent choice for sealing acid stained concrete, garage floors, patios, driveways, parking decks, etc. Application of this product will change the appearance of colors much less than a solvent based sealer. Substrates to be sealed commonly include old or new concrete, brick, asphalt, porous tile and wood. Available in semi-gloss or matte finish. The benefits include:

  1. Outstanding Water Resistance
  2. Non-Blushing
  3. Prevents Dusting and Spalding
  4. Paintable Finish
  5. Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  6. Gasoline and Chemical Resistant
  7. Quick Drying



Weather Master -ClearSeal (Concentrate) is designed for use with pre-colored fine aggregate for a unique, seamless, uniform textured appearance. All of the properties indicated above for the ClearSeal (Regular) are inherent in the ClearSeal (Concentrate) material. However, the viscosity is not suitable for use as a sealer/finish coat as supplied.




Appearance                      Milky Emulsion                               Viscous, Milky Emulsion

Vehicle Type                             Acrylic                                                           Acrylic

% Solids/Wt(+1)                          23                                                                     40

VOC (lbs./Gal.)                          1.58                                                                   1.59

Weight Per Gal.                      8.52 lbs                                                          8.63 lbs

Dry Film Finish                Semi-Gloss*                                                     Semi-Gloss*

Application Method     Brush, Roller and Spray                Hopper Spray or Trowel

Packaging                          1 Gal., 5 Gal., 50 Gal Drum               50 Gallon Drum Only

* Available In Matte Finish By Special Order at Additional Cost

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